FDS Vacuum Services

FDS Vacuum provides an extensive range of services to a wide range of industries. These industries include:
   Industrial    Manufacturing    Scientific
   Refrigeration             Air Conditioning             Research


We can provide the following:

  • SALES, HIRE, LEASE or SERVICE of vacuum products, including material handling related vacuum lifting equipment.
  • In-house or on-site mechanical services, including vacuum equipment testing and calibration
  • Planned maintenance services, including vacuum pump filter, oil, and related programmed maintenance
  • Breakdown repairs to vacuum and vacuum lifting products.
  • Helium vacuum leak detection services using portable equipment. Helium leak detection equipment is also available for lease or hire.
  • Staff or individual training associated with the related industries.

The supply and installation of:

  • New or refurbished vacuum and vacuum lifting equipment.
  • Leased or purchased vacuum equipment
  • All equipment tailored to individual customer requirements.

FDS Vacuum offers a 12 month guarantee on all new products installed by them.
FDS Vacuum also offers a 3 month warranty on all refurbished equipment.

Vacuum Maintenance, Service, Suction & Exhaust Filters and Accessories for various brands including:

Leybold Nash PVR Rietschle     Robuschi
Siemens Thomas Welch Galileo Pnuemofore    
Sogevac     Trivac Labconco     Varian Robinaire
Becker BOC-Edwards     Filto Busch Javac
Ritchie JB Centra Telstar WooVac
Alcatel Ilmvac Finder Stokes  


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