FDS Vacuum Products

Vacuum pumps are a vital part of many industries and commercial operations.
Typical applications are in automotive areas, industrial processes, servicing commercial and domestic refrigeration, air-conditioning and chillers.
There are many products available to suit all needs. At FDS Vacuum we are able to supply the knowledge and expertise to ensure you make the right choice.

Working with heavy products and difficult lifting situations are increasingly expensive risk factors in industry. Vacuum lifting devices can provide the economic answer, lifting weights of up to 2000kg.

These lifting and clamping systems use a vacuum pump or air ejector, attached to a hose and suction foot, to safely and quickly move heavy products, both increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue - even more important now ACC premiums are linked to your safety record.
The technology is proven with over 35,000 installations worldwide. With such a wealth of experience to draw on, FDS Vacuum can certainly provide the solution for you.

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